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Midiline1 07-16-2006 12:25 AM

Forum Rules
Buy Trade Or Sell your forum topic related items

This section was created for people to sell their forum topic related items. Be sure to include a price (mandatory) and pictures if you have them. Selling multiple items? post them under one topic and update your post when you have sold items. Include contact information: E-mail address. It is good business to conduct most elements of your transaction in the Private Message.

If you feel like you have a comment (valid or not) about the product being sold by the individual please PM him and tell him in private. DO NOT post your comments about his product in the thread, they will be deleted.

If the moderators see WTB (want to buy) adds posted in any section other then the dedicated to classifieds, they will delete the post. If you re-post it in these forums again you’re subject to warnings and or possible removal from this forum.

Commercial Posters

Please contact the staff of the site regarding commercial advertising. All non sponsoring commercial posts will be reviewed and possibly deleted. Your advertisement may be deemed commercial at the staffs’ discretion.

Some reasons your post may be deemed commercial is because you’re selling multiple new items in a post, multiple new items among posts, selling items with a business email (smith @ shopx . biz) etc etc

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics, such as religion, political debates, etc are allowed here. However, it is expected that you conduct these discussions in a calm, civil manner without resorting to personal attacks or flaming. If you are unable to do so in these discussions, you may find your posts removed from the thread.

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks will not be tolerated and are subject to editing, or deletion at the discretion of the moderation team. Offenders will be warned and may even be banned.


Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards any group (race, religion) are not appropriate, and will not be allowed.!


No signature is to contain explicit images or advertising for any company / business. Failure to comply will result in your signature being modified.

Image size is also a factor, so please restrain from using images that send the forum tables out of shape.

All other forum rules also apply to the 'sigs' area. Promoting other forums in direct competition/topic area is NOT permitted and will be dealt with on a user by user bases.


Please do not spam our forum. Spammers will have their posts deleted and possibly be banned immediately.


Threatening other board members will not be tolerated. This includes threats of physical violence, threats of property damage & death threats.


Trolling, or makings posts with the sole intention of creating discontent or problems on the forums is against the forum rules. This includes registering an alternate ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums. Troll ID's will be locked immediately and permanently, and can be locked without notification to the offender. A second ID, by the same person, on this site is considered trolling. You may be banned.

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