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Originally Posted by Great Milenko
and what was your name???? im not afraid to post what i think is right and wrong unlike most members who are afraid of getting banned and in trouble by mods they dont even know. And if they dont want me, i dont care, iv got friends, a g/f, and a future in lax, as i have been scouted by peterborough and brampton jr. A, so suck on that. And btw, using that dumb terminology from computer games is the dumbest thing that could possibly hit this earth, and you are retarted enough to use it. SO what if they dont want me??? this is something i do in my SPARE time, not spend my whole life on, and depend on. I get banned, i go back to having fun and livin it up, and not sittin wasting my life away staring at a screen.

You are so freaking stupid I crack up.

So lets see, going down the list of insults you just threw at me:

-Computer nerd jokes: Hilarious for a guy who averaged 15 posts on TLF and was known for making every dumb thread possible in the Open Forum like "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE _______".

From your activity on the forums, it DID seem like you spent your entire life on the internet.

-Your budding future in lacrosse: I could care less about Canadian Jr. A teams, and I've already stockpiled a greater lacrosse career than you. Oh, you're talking trash about your lax career when you're 14? HAHAHA

-Calling me "retarted": Oh the irony. It's RETARDED, you RETARD. You lose all respect in your argument from that.

-I respect you guys for tolerating him. Too bad he got into flame wars with 5 members on TLF over a span of months, and tried his ass off to be a moderator but failed.

-Staring at a screen? I would first suggest opening up a book in school, you idiot.
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